Retro Remixes

Retro Remixes
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Before Digital Cameras

Before Digital Cameras

Old 35mm wind in camera film

Do you remember the whole process:

Firstly, buying the role of film, winding it in and hoping you hadn't wound it in too far and lost the first picture.

Then taking either 24 or 36 pictures which is all you could fit depending on the film you bought. A good portion of which will come out blurred because either the people moved or you didn't keep the camera straight.

Putting the film in a bag and sending it off for processing or taking it into a shop to be developed.

Waiting a week or two to collect them or have them posted back.

If collecting them, opening them up expectantly in the shop because you couldn't wait til you got home to see them.

Then most of them being utter RUBBISH and having to pay for them anyway.

Then putting them all in albums.

Ah, those were the days..........


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