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Welcome to Retrobabble Remember your favourite retro games, cartoons, tv programmes, toys, music and all the other stuff you love from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Set up a profile, upload pictures, video clips and stories and share them with your friends. Vote on the best babbles and subscribe to stay updated.

Retro Remixes

Retro Remixes
Listen to great Commodore 64 remixes courtesy of the awesome SLAY Radio.

Listen to retro remixes

Slay Radio

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My first console

I got this instead of an Atari 2600

Jet Set Willy for ZX Spectrum 48k

Play this Spectrum Classic now on Retrobabble

Complete with Karate Kid video montage

Calling all DIY enthusiasts

10 signs you're watching too much Home Improvement

Zork - The Great Underground Empire

Play this classic text adventure now on Retrobabble

Latest on Retrobabble: retro nostalgia from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s

First ever computer bug

First ever computer bug

The most famous moth in computer history

The Noughties [Rap-up 2000 - 2009]

One for our younger retro fans!
C64 Vice City Demake

C64 Vice City Demake

Rockstar's GTA: Vice City reimagined as a C64 game
Calling all DIY enthusiasts

Calling all DIY enthusiasts

10 signs you're watching too much Home Improvement

Commodore 64 Training Program

1982 Computer tutorial featuring Jim Butterield

The BFG - Complete Movie

Watch the entire Roald Dahl Classic
Dymo label writers from the 70s

Dymo label writers from the 70s

and you can still buy them!

Retro Gadgets

If you are a 70s or 80s child, then you will be familiar with great games like Pacman, as...

Glory of Love

Peter Cetera performs the ultimate POWER BALLAAAAAAAAAAD

Listen to your Heart

Awesome song off of Karate Kid 3 by Little River Band
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